How Does the White Labeling Process Work with Redeem Therapeutics?

Whether your business is interested in white labeling, private labeling, processing, or branding, the team at Grow with Redeem tailors our products and services to meet the needs of your business. We are committed to our partners’ success throughout this industry, so our team works hard to offer the best CBD products available to set your business apart. Read below to learn more about what the white labeling process looks like when you Grow with Redeem.

Services We Offer Our CBD White Label Partners

White Labeling

Grow with Redeem offers refined, shelf-ready CBD oil that comes in a range of flavors and strengths to suit the specific needs of your business. With four unique CBD oil flavors, including natural, mint, orange ginger and citrus, and strengths ranging from 250 mg to 1500 mg, our high-quality, all-natural CBD oils can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. If your company is interested in expanding into the pet market, Grow with Redeem also offers CBD oil for dogs and cats that come in strengths from 125 mg to 500 mg, as well as in bacon and chicken flavors.

For CBD companies looking to take their brand to the next level, Grow with Redeem develops CBD products with an upgraded Optimal Spectrum option for unmatched consistency. When produced with our specialized balancing process, all formulas and compounds are the exact same in every bottle of Optimal Spectrum product, as opposed to the slight variations found in full-spectrum CBD oil.

Private Labeling and Custom Formulations

Looking to invest in a completely unique product to enhance your brand? Grow with Redeem can help your team formulate your unique product from the ground up. For our CBD private label companies, we develop proprietary formulas that are reserved for exclusive use. Our team of chemists will work closely with your company to ensure your specific parameters are implemented in every bottle. For one-of-a-kind CBD oil developed with outstanding consistency and quality, your business deserves a partner like Grow with Redeem.

Hemp Processing

For those who have access to their own dried hemp, we offer small-batch distillation services. Specifically, Grow with Redeem provides the necessary resources for CBD companies to vertically integrate their business and complete every step of the production process with our expert team and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether your business is looking for distillate or a more refined, shelf-ready product, you can depend on the team at Grow with Redeem.


To compete in today’s evolving CBD industry, companies need their products to stand out on shelves and online. Grow with Redeem works directly with CBD businesses to develop noticeable, branded packaging that showcases quality CBD oil and communicates the products’ value to consumers. From boxes with matte or soft-textured finishes to tubes with vinyl labels, our team can help your business develop the ideal packaging for your CBD products.

Logo and Label Design

Our creativity doesn’t stop at the packaging process. Grow with Redeem is staffed with talented graphic designers who can create stunning logos and labels that represent your business and enhance your brand’s values. Our designers work directly with you to develop logos and labels that align with your business’s messaging and attract valuable consumers.


Searching for bottling services for your fill-ready products? Grow with Redeem offers full production services and can bottle your products to deliver shelf-ready CBD oil directly to your brand. Each of our bottles holds 30 mL of product and comes standard with a pipette dropper, a euro-brown bottle, and a unique label for your business. If you need a more custom bottling solution, feel free to reach out to us and we can brainstorm a solution that will work for you.

What to Expect with Grow with Redeem as a White Label Partner

At Grow with Redeem, we treat the white labeling process like a partnership. We are passionate about developing successful businesses that help consumers reclaim their health with extraordinary CBD products. Whether you are only in the market for packaging or bottling services or are ready to work with us as a white-label or private label partner, our team works tirelessly to meet the needs of your CBD company.

Just as your brand can expect exemplary work from everyone on our team, you can also expect the best from our CBD products. We use the highest-quality, organic ingredients, adhere to the best manufacturing practices in our industry, and test the purity and consistency of all of our products with a third-party lab. You can expect complete transparency throughout every step of your partnership with Grow with Redeem.

What Our CBD White Label Process Looks Like

When you partner with Grow with Redeem, your business experiences our straightforward, transparent process designed to help your business succeed. To start our partnership, we organize a consultation to discuss the needs of your brand and develop an itemized quote describing how Grow with Redeem can work with your team to meet those needs. Once we decide to work together, your account manager’s number one priority is working with your business to make sure your goals become a reality. Your account manager tracks the progress as we work together and assigns other Grow with Redeem staff members such as graphic-designers and extraction and distillation specialists when needed.

Whether we create your business’s unique proprietary formula or your brand uses one of our shelf-ready white label solutions, we work closely with your company until we arrive at your ideal product solutions. Once your team approves finished product details, we finalize the details of your order and production begins. Your business can expect finished products within four to eight weeks, which gives us the necessary time to develop high-quality products that meet our quality and purity standards. After your team receives your completed product, reorders can be placed.

‍Take some time, and think it over. And when your business decides to work with us, we’ll be ready. Let’s Grow.

Grow with Redeem is a CBD white label company that is passionate about helping everyday consumers reclaim their health with high-quality, pure CBD oils. When we work with your business as a white label partner, we are committed to growing, distilling, bottling, and distributing only the best CBD products. To learn more about our white labeling process or to get more information about our CBD products, contact the team at Grow with Redeem today!

marj@redeemrx.comHow Does the White Labeling Process Work with Redeem Therapeutics?

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  • Andrew - May 6, 2020 reply

    We are a start-up CBD company interested in your services. Do you offer white labelled tinctures in either ISO or Broad spectrum? If so could you send us some information in regards to pricing, distribution and fulfilment. Additionally, do you offer a dropshipping service?
    King Regards,Andrew
    Team Pegasus

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