How to Get a Proprietary CBD Formula for Your Business

The CBD industry is competitive, and businesses are continually relying on unique, proprietary formulas to ensure their CBD oil stands out. Entrepreneurs and business owners unfamiliar with CBD oil development, however, may find that developing their own formula is a more time-consuming and complex process than they anticipated. That’s where a private label CBD company comes in. Grow with Redeem is an expert private label developer that is ready to partner with your business and help your team create a proprietary CBD formula for your brand. Read below to learn more about what it takes to get an exclusive CBD oil formula for your business.

What Does the Grow with Redeem Private Labeling Process Look Like?

We have designed our CBD private labeling process to look different for each business we work with depending on each company’s unique needs and desires. We don’t mess around with “one-size-fits-all” private labeling. Grow with Redeem starts our private label partnerships by discussing your company’s ideal CBD formula and how we can make that a reality. Our scientists will then develop several versions of CBD oils for your business to provide feedback. This process will continue until we find the perfect formula for your company’s exclusive use. Interested in taking your proprietary CBD formula to the next level? Grow with Redeem’s private label partners can enhance their formulas with our Optimal Spectrum™️ CBD solutions that maintain consistent terpenes and cannabinoid profiles in every batch.

What Makes Grow with Redeem Different?

Quality & Transparency

Grow with Redeem stands out from other CBD private label companies with our unmatched product quality and transparency in all stages of the production process. Although there is limited FDA regulation on specific quality requirements for CBD, Grow with Redeem adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for all of our CBD products. We are not legally required to develop our CBD oils based on these standards, but we strive to produce only the highest-quality CBD products for our partners and their customers.

We don’t just claim to be committed to quality products–we have the documentation to back it up. Every step of our production process is regulated and documented, and we prioritize transparency with our private label partners. Your CBD business will know exactly how your CBD oil gets made because, at Grow with Redeem, we want to be more than your average CBD supplier.


Although the CBD industry has only recently spiked in popularity, Grow with Redeem is no stranger to developing high-quality products for consumers to enjoy. With decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, we know a few things about creating effective, safe, and innovative products that enhance consumers’ lives. CBD suppliers that are new to delivering creative solutions are a dime a dozen in today’s rapidly growing industry. CBD users and companies that are invested in long-term growth know that an experienced CBD supplier like Grow with Redeem is essential to success.


Because no two hemp plants are exactly the same, most CBD oils contain natural variance, which can affect the concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Grow with Redeem solves this problem with our Optimal Spectrum™️ CBD solutions. Our unique process for our private label partners ensures the same concentration and profile in each bottle of our CBD oil. This provides consistency for your brand’s consumers so they can enjoy the same benefits in every drop of your proprietary CBD oil.

What If My Business Needs More Than A Formula?

If your CBD business needs a little more than a formula to get off the ground, Grow with Redeem is the CBD private label company for you. With small batch hemp processing, brands can stay in control of their CBD oil from field to shelf with help from the Grow with Redeem team. Think you’ve perfected your CBD oil but struggling to develop the right branding for your product? Let the graphic designers at Grow with Redeem help your team by creating custom labels to add value to your brand and product. Grow with Redeem also offers dynamic packaging options, so your product stays safe throughout production and looks good doing it. We want your CBD business to succeed and will work with you to make your brand vision a reality.

For CBD businesses that are ready to work with a private label partner that will go above and beyond, get to know the team at Grow with Redeem. Let’s Grow.

Grow with Redeem is a CBD private label company that is dedicated to developing exceptional CBD products that help everyday consumers take back their health. Our expert team of scientists, graphic designers, and CBD suppliers can create the proprietary CBD formula that your business has been dreaming of. Learn more about the private labeling process with Grow with Redeem and contact our team today!

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