When your product is this good, you need branding to match.

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Our process is simple and designed to supply your business with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Collaborative Process

    This is an extremely collaborative process, so there will likely be several rounds of different designs and feedback until we land on the perfect logo.

  • Containers, Labels, and Packaging

    We can incorporate logos, brand information, and product information onto any element of the product experience that you are interested in, from container and labels to packaging tubes and shelf cartons.

  • Talented Graphic Design Team

    Think you have a design request that is a little outside of the box? We’re ready to hear it. At Grow with Redeem, we are willing to start from scratch on design ideas or evolve with you on a concept that you already have.

Your High-Quality CBD Needs to Look Good Too

Every successful brand needs a recognizable logo that stands out to consumers and immediately expresses a company’s message and values. Although a logo may not be the first item on your to-do list when developing your CBD business, it is an essential element that may determine your ability to succeed. Grow with Redeem’s graphic designers work with your team to develop a logo that aligns with your brand’s vision.

Why Grow With Redeem?

We know a brand’s label must communicate the quality of the product. Our team of graphic designers can create a memorable logo that enhances brand credibility, inspires consumer confidence, and promotes your message to consumers. Whether you have an idea completely designed or just a rough sketch on a cocktail napkin, our creative team will work diligently to design a logo that stands out on the shelf and tells your brand’s story.

While a distinct logo is essential in developing your brand, a label with helpful information is also important in establishing consumer trust in your CBD products. Although the FDA is not currently regulating CBD products, the best CBD brands have labels that provide a variety of instructive and informative items to ensure transparency and credibility in their product. The Grow with Redeem team can help you develop a label that gives consumers confidence in your brand by displaying ingredient lists, assurances of third-party testing, and other technical information such as avoiding claims that may draw the enforcement of the FDA.

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