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A 30ml Amber Euro bottle with a tamper-evident graduated glass dropper or a fine mist sprayer is our standard offering.

  • The dropper is graduated in 0.25ml increments.
  • The spray delivers 0.5ml for every three (3) pumps.

The advantage of the sprayer is that it atomizes the tincture, creating smaller droplets that provide a greater surface area for absorption of the tincture.  Greater surface area means better bioavailability or more and faster uptake of the cannabinoids and terpenes.  Check out our blog.

The finished shelf ready unit includes a white or craft paper tube with your labeling.


Our Sleep and Immunity Gummies are offered in 10 count and 60 count pack.

  • The 10 count pack is a plastic resealable pouch with labels front and back.
  • The 60 count pack is a 8 oz. while PE jar with a tamper-evident seal and while screw-top lid.

Topical Pain Cream

Our pain cream is offered in two sizes (50 and 100ml) in a PE airless pump.  A perforated heat shrink safety seal is applies to prevent tampering or removal of the cap.  No outer carton is provided.


Our process is simple and designed to supply your business with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Bottling

    Our standard, and most popular, bottle and closure combination is the amber Euro Round bottle (30ml) and a graduated dropper.

  • Organic Hemp Extract & Carrier Oil of Choice

    This standard product is anything but ordinary, however, and comes with a carrier oil of your choice (MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil or Olive Oil), organically grown hemp extract that is non-GMO and gluten-free, and a natural mint flavor.

  • Customizable Bottle Color

    Although our standard bottle is amber in color, we can also customize the color of your CBD bottle to match your brand vision more closely.

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