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CBD Packaging and Bottling

The best CBD brands need strategically designed packages to stay competitive in a crowded market. High-quality packaging and customized bottles promote brand awareness, indicate to consumers that your CBD company values their business, and encourage consumers to return to your brand for future purchases.

While visually appealing CBD packaging and bottling are essential to developing customer loyalty, these elements of the consumer experience must also protect the CBD product from damage. From well-made bottles to durable and recyclable boxes and tubes, effective packaging does more than hold your product– it spreads your brand message and values.

Why Grow With Redeem?

We believe excellent packaging and bottling enhances every product experience, which is why we offer our partners customization options for CBD bottles and packages. Grow with Redeem’s team helps you enhance your overall brand experience by developing unique packaging methods and tailored CBD bottling solutions for your brand.

From a variety of boxes and tubes to different options for bottle sizes and closures, our team works with you to differentiate your company from an average CBD business. Our process is simple and designed to supply your business with the tools you need to succeed.

No positive CBD experience is complete without excellent CBD packages. Whether your company intends to sell online or in stores, eye-catching packaging is essential to retail success. We offer recyclable boxes and tubes that serve the dual purpose of protecting your CBD products and producing a positive overall experience with customers. With a variety of color choices and branding options, Grow with Redeem ensures that your CBD packages and bottles promote your brand’s vision from the moment a customer first interacts with your product.


Our process is simple and designed to supply your business with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Bottling

    Our standard, and most popular, bottle and closure combination is the amber Euro Round bottle (30ml) and a graduated dropper.

  • Organic Hemp Extract & Carrier Oil of Choice

    This standard product is anything but ordinary, however, and comes with a carrier oil of your choice (MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil or Olive Oil), organically grown hemp extract that is non-GMO and gluten-free, and a natural mint flavor.

  • Customizable Bottle Color

    Although our standard bottle is amber in color, we can also customize the color of your CBD bottle to match your brand vision more closely.

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