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The best CBD products don’t spring to life overnight. Exceptional CBD products must go through several stages of product development, and this can be an extremely time-consuming process for companies that are new to the market.

Many upstart CBD companies may underestimate just how challenging it is to develop a CBD formula that is effective, safe, and appealing to consumers. Chemists, biologists, and quality control experts must contribute hours of work to make CBD products a reality for users across the world. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this alone. For companies that are ready to take their CBD products to the next level, it may be time to work with an experienced CBD product development partner like Grow with Redeem.

Why Grow With Redeem?

This isn’t our first attempt at developing outstanding products for consumers. With over 60 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and FDA compliance, as well as our professional background in chemistry, biology, and quality control, the Grow with Redeem team has the tools to enhance your CBD brand. Our expertise in this new industry makes us the ideal partner to help up-and-coming CBD brands develop products that meet their customers’ unique needs.

Although the FDA is not currently regulating CBD products, we anticipate increased regulations throughout the industry in the coming months and years. We make sure your team is ahead of the curve with products that are compliant with our self-imposed CGMP standards that are derived from our years of experience in FDA-regulated industry. Whether your company is just getting started or has already hit some bumps in the road, the Grow with Redeem team can get your CBD brand back on track and develop an outstanding product for your customers.

In addition to providing outstanding products for your brand, we also include our expertise and guidance as your CBD product development partner. We work as a team to achieve success for your CBD brand.


As for what goes inside the bottle, your brand is in control.

White Label Partners

  • 4 Unique Flavors

    We offer four unique flavors of CBD oil, including orange ginger, mint, citrus, and natural, that will appeal to even the pickiest consumers

  • CBD Topical Pain Cream

    Our CBD topical pain cream, which comes in 100ml products with 1500mg of CBD, relieves aches and pains for users of all ages.

  • CBD For Pets

    You and your four-legged customers can rely on our shelf-ready CBD oil for dogs and cats. With bacon and chicken flavors, our CBD oil for pets is guaranteed to be the talk of the dog park.

Private Label Partners

  • Unlimited Flavor Profiles

    Our team of scientists can develop a unique flavor profile that meets the exact needs of your target consumers and is reserved for your company’s exclusive use.

  • Upgrade to Optimal Spectrum™️

    Upgrade to our Optimal Spectrum™️ formula and receive verifiable third-party testing. Your CBD product will be sure to check all the boxes!

  • Unlimited Customizations

    Interested in a more natural, earthy profile? We can handle it. Want a more out-of-the-box flavor for a line of CBD oil for dogs? Our team’s tail is already wagging.

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