What to Look for In a CBD White Label Partner

Starting a business is no easy feat. And starting a company that sells cannabidiol, or CBD, is especially challenging in this complex and continually-evolving industry. Many CBD businesses rely on white labeling to develop high-quality, shelf-ready products as a strategic advantage over competitors. However, your brand should not commit to a white label partner without careful consideration. Read below to find out what to look for in a CBD white label partner.

Quality and Consistency

A CBD white label partner must deliver quality and consistency in all products. CBD developers that adhere to the best practices create detailed and written procedures for each product so that they can replicate their proprietary formula every single time. White labeling is only beneficial for your business if you partner with a company that is committed to formulating the highest quality CBD with consistency in every product. 

Grow with Redeem is disciplined in every aspect of our process to ensure that our branded and white label products are only of the highest quality. We document every stage of our production process and continually test our products and are happy to share the ins and outs of our consistent production methods upon request.

Variety and Customization

The most impactful CBD brands develop a variety of products in a range of flavors and potencies to meet the needs of a wide customer base. When searching for a white label partner, look for a company that is willing to work with your business to create the best products for your brand. A white label partner must provide your brand with customization to implement a variety of shelf-ready products that best suit your market. 

At Grow with Redeem, we offer four distinct flavors, including mint, natural, orange ginger, and citrus, as well as CBD oil ranging in strengths from 250 milligrams to 1500 milligrams. We also offer CBD oil in full-spectrum and optimal-spectrum and can create a proprietary formula exclusively for your company. Additionally, Grow with Redeem offers branded logo and label design to elevate your business and communicate your brand’s message. 


Developing brands must stay on the lookout for white label partners that take short cuts during processing to avoid lower-quality products. When deciding on a white label partner, look for companies that are committed to honesty and transparency in their distillation practices. The best CBD providers adhere to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), which ensures transparency throughout the bottling process and results in products developed with the best practices in the industry. 

Additionally, CBD companies must guarantee their products are tested for purity and approved by independent, third-party labs. These tests should be accessible to consumers, so new users can feel confident that their CBD products are all-natural and free of harmful contaminants. In addition to testing every product for purity and potency, your white label partner must make these results accessible to your brand and your consumers. Grow with Redeem uses a third-party laboratory to test the amount of CBD, types of terpenes, and other chemical compounds in all of our products. 


Although the FDA does not evaluate most CBD products, companies are responsible for the purity of their CBD and the safety of their consumers. Accordingly, CBD brands need an experienced white label partner to decrease the risk of low-quality products that don’t meet safety and purity standards. While some CBD companies may be able to get away with substandard products for now, federal regulation is coming. That’s why reputable CBD brands should partner with a CBD white label provider that has experience passing audits and complying with federal regulations for consumer products.

Your CBD brand should look for a white label partner that has experience developing and bottling CBD products that comply with federal regulations. An experienced white label partner advises on proper distillation techniques, helps maintain safety standards, and provides knowledge on effective marketing methods for CBD products. Grow with Redeem has over 60 years of experience in the development of FDA-compliant products, and our commitment to industry best practices ensures only the highest quality products for your brand. 

More Than a CBD Manufacturer 

Your business deserves a CBD white label partner who offers real value that extends beyond manufacturing products. The needs of your business are constantly evolving, and your white label partner should be prepared to grow with your business to keep up with these changes. Grow with Redeem is not a one-size-fits-all CBD manufacturer. We are ready to go the extra mile to make sure your business has the necessary resources to grow and evolve in the industry. 

Is your CBD business searching for a white label partner who will go above and beyond for your company? Your search is over. Let’s Grow. 

At Grow with Redeem, we are committed to helping consumers reclaim their health with high-quality, all-natural CBD. Our experienced team is ready to work with your business and develop premium private and white label CBD products that are safe and effective. If you are looking for reliable products for your CBD company or are interested in starting your own CBD brand, look no further than Grow with Redeem. Contact us today!

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